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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living in the woods

You know, living in the woods can be an interesting experience. just the other night, I was in the bathroom, about to take a shower, when I heard some noises outside my bathroom window. At first I thought "oh, just some animal, foraging for food." but then I listened closer, and I realized that it was a definite stepping pattern. "Holy shit!" I thought "There's a bear, outside my window. It's probably here to watch me take a shower! Norman Beartes up in this bitch." But, it also has it's benefits, being this far out from fucking everything. Like the fact that cops never come anywhere close to anywhere near here. So parties? they can be pretty wild and fun. Untill you drop your phone in a fire. Well... it's still a pretty cool time, if your phone still works afterward. Then you get to nickname it something like 'the beast' overall, it's not too bad of a place to live. Although, I still have to say, I'd rather live on the ocean I think!

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